Nice to Meet You!

Eloise Selig was born on September 2, 2007 to a French family living in Missouri.  At the tender age of 7 weeks, she was flown to her new home in Columbia, SC. She was immediately welcomed with open arms by her new family and instantly became the most important member. Eloise has a Mother, Father, two sisters,  a brother  and Foster Parents whom she adores. She is a very bright young lady with an engaging smile and personality.  She is bi-lingual and responds to both Spanish and English, except when the word BATH  is uttered in either language.
In the spring of 2012, Eloise opened a bake shop with her sister. Her business was named ALLY & ELOISE. Thanks to her, the dessert bakery has become a huge success and she has become somewhat of a celebrity. Eloise handles her public persona with grace and humility, in spite of the fact that she has yet to receive any sort of compensation for the use of her name nor her image.
Eloise loves people, but is indifferent to dogs. She is an avid Soccer player and a fast runner…especially when Cats or Squirrels are involved. Besides sports, her favorite pastimes are eating, napping and licking the bakery kitchen floor.